I attended the Canadian National Exhibition last year. It was a great and unique experience of my life. I went there in a group with my 4 friends. You need a whole day to experience this exhibition.

How we got there

The Canadian National Exhibition is always held at Toronto’s Exhibition Place. It is located at North of Lake Shore between Strachan and Dufferin streets.

The place is very crowded and the parking is limited so it is better to get there using public transit. We went there in 509 Harbourfront Streetcar from union station. The TTC buses stop at the near the Canadian National Exhibition location. We just walked a little and reached there.

Getting Tickets

When we get there at the entrance we waited in line to buy the tickets, because it was our first time and we didn’t know that tickets were available online.

The regular ticket price was $16 and ride all day pass was $41. We wanted to spend the whole day there so we bought the ride-all-day pass. Before buying tickets keep in mind that if you buy regular tickets then you have to pay separately for rides.

Rides and Games

Canadian National Exhibition is all about rides and games. We enjoyed the rides there although these rides were not thrilling, these were fun. These rides are mostly for kids but adults also enjoy these rides.

The main ride is the Sky Ride which offers the bird’s eye view of Canadian National Exhibition grounds and we enjoyed the wonderful view of the whole Canadian National Exhibition through this easygoing ride. This is the favorite ride of all the visitors there.

The Sky Ride

There were so many fun games at Canadian National Exhibition. I tried shooting water at a moving target but I wasn’t lucky enough to get the stuffed cute bear. There were so many games there like ring tosses, whack a mole and many more.


Shopping that was my favorite part. There were so many little shops. Every shop had a different kind of things. Every shop was representing a different culture. I think that’s why people call Canada a diverse country.

I liked so many things but I couldn’t buy all of them because I am not that rich. I was happy with whatever I bought. We bought the friendship bracelets with all the friend’s name on it who went there with me. The market itself is the attraction because it was so colorful.

Air Show

The main attraction was the fascinating Air Show. We went on the last days of Canadian National Exhibition that’s why we were able to see the amazing Air Show. If you want to see it goes at the end days of Canadian National Exhibition. It lasts for three days.

Air Show

The Canadian and US Air Forces take part in this show. If you want to see the Air Show at the next level then you can buy the VIP tickets. VIP tickets include things like tented tables and chair seating.

I enjoyed the Air Show a lot, it was an amazing experience of my life and saw the Air Show for the very first time.


Food was the key part of the Canadian National Exhibition for me because I am a foodie. The food building was offering a wide variety of food options such as Funnel Cakes, Tiny Tom Donuts, Pizzas, Hot Dogs, hamburgers, French Fries, Frosted Flake Chicken on a stick and so many international cuisines.

The Asian Market is the Canadian National Exhibition’s version of popular Chinese Tang dynasty tradition. In the night, the market was looking awesome and I had awesome food there.

There were so many food trucks. I tried snacks from there.


The Canadian National Exhibition is Canada’s largest community event. It comes in the top 5 agricultural fairs in North America.

CNE 2019

Canadian National Exhibition was founded in 1879 as the Toronto Industrial Exhibition. That time people came to this Exhibition to see the latest innovations in technology and commercial products and to enjoy the popular singers of that time.

Canadian National Exhibition has changed over the years but it is still one of Ontario’s great annual traditions.

CNE 2020

Next year Canadian National Exhibition will start from 21th August and will end on 7 September. It will an 18 days event as usual. It amazes people with rides, performances, a lantern festival (which I missed sadly) and an Asian night market.

More than 1.5 million people visit Canadian National Exhibition every year. Go and enjoy this Exhibition if you will be in Toronto.

Important Notes

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will do a lot of walking.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Avoid carrying large bags because it is a crowded place.
  • All the shows and attractions are free with a regular ticket but you need to buy ride tickets if you will not buy a ride-all-day pass.
  • Parking is limited and expensive so better take the public transit.