Travelling means getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things. When you travel, you become a better person. While travelling you comes to know what is important in life. In my words, nice traveller means adapting yourself according to the surroundings.

It takes a lot of time to become a nice traveller. You can always see tourists behaving badly when they are in your country and you hate them. So considering that fact you should be a nice traveller while travelling to other countries.

If you will behave nicely other people will do the same and as travellers, we should teach and learn how to be a nice traveller. In that way, the world will become a beautiful and peaceful place to live and travel.


Watch Your Behavior on the Plane

Being a nice traveller starts when your journey starts. So in the plane behave nicely. People need privacy so never check on them what they are doing in the plane because everybody relaxes in their own ways.



There is very limited space in the plane, so don’t bang on the chair in front of you. The front passenger must be sleeping, reading and relaxing. If your chair is reclined then it is hard for the person behind to eat anything. Keep your seat in its upright position when the food is serving.

Speak Softly

While travelling most of the time you are in public places, make sure to speak softly in public places. Don’t be too loud, you might disturb other people. A nice traveller should be a soft speaker.

Respect Elders

Respect elders while travelling. Be patient if they are slowly climbing and can’t leave the plane as quickly as you. They are wiser and have more life experience, so respect them and learn from them. In that way you will become a nice traveller.

Be Polite

Be nice while travelling, always have a smile on your face all the time. Use the words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ because people like people who talk nicely to them and you have more chances of getting your problem solved. A nice traveller knows how to do all these.

Respect Locals and their Cultures

Before visiting any country, learn about their culture and tradition. Note the dos and don’ts and act according to the rules. Keep in mind that you are visiting someone’s home so never offend them in any way and respect their cultures. Nice traveller knows everything before visiting any country.


entrance of Virasat-E-Khalsa

Be Prepared while Travelling

Don’t depend on others while travelling. Always bring medicine, travel insurance and several bank cards. Don’t depend on governments, police or public institutions because every country has its own rules. Read travel advice on each country then prepare yourself accordingly. A nice traveller should have all the belongings so he/she can stay away from any problem.


Be Open-Minded

Prepare yourself for facing strange and new things. This means opening yourself to new views, sounds and fragrance of a new country. Try to learn new things and be curious about everything. Travelling means making new friends and learning about different cultures and their way of life. A nice traveller always likes to learn new things.


Respect Other Travellers

Always keep in mind that you are not the only one travelling. You shoulder consider other travellers too. So avoid taking too many photos at one place, let others have some photos of that attraction. A nice traveller should make other travellers comfortable.


Learn a few Words of Foreign Language

Not everyone speaks English in every country. So you must learn some key phrases of the language in which country you are visiting. Because you are just a guest there and you have to make an effort to communicate with the locals. It is necessary for a nice traveller to know few words of a language so that they won’t face any language barrier problems.


Me with Lovely couple

Keep Clean

Pick up your garbage all the time and through in the bin. Keep another country clean. If you are sharing the hostel with someone always clean your garbage before leaving. Nobody likes rubbish an all. So always keep your travel clean. A nice traveller makes the respect the place he/she is visiting and keeps it clean.


Follow Other Country’s Laws

Follow the signboards, if there is no entry sign then don’t go in. If the ‘No Photo’ zone is there, put away your camera. Rules and laws are meant to be followed. When you are not following the rules then you are not a good traveller. A nice traveller follows all the rules.


Help Local Stores

Do not go on the tour buses. They stop at particular restaurants and everybody buys the food from one place. That is not what a true traveller does.

You should take public transportation and explore the streets and try street food. The markets have locally made things and giving them business is the real contribution to a country through travelling. So next time explore the things locally rather than going to a particular place with a lot of people. 


Underground Shopping Centre

Take Permission before Photographing Anyone

Many people and cultures do not appreciate being photographed. So take permission before taking any photographs. I will not like if any traveller comes to my country and takes my photograph without taking any permission from me. Be an educated traveller.

With the above tips, you can be a nice traveller. When you do anything in any country think: would you like that if any traveller did the same thing in your country? Always ask this question before taking any action.

Remember all the things next time you travel to a new country. I have shared my tips according to my experiences. If you have different tips according to your experiences, please do share them with me.