Montreal is a great city to explore in Quebec. When you enter in Montreal, it gives you cool and European vibes. It is the combination of the modernization of North America and the traditional charm of Europe.

It is a beautiful island on Saint Lawrence River. I had the best time visiting there.

The architecture of Old Montreal

Firstly I will talk about the amazing architecture of Montreal. Most of the buildings are from the late 17th and early 18th centuries. These buildings are found in Old Montreal.

Old Montreal

Architecture and cobbled streets in Old Montreal have been restored. You can frequently see horse-drawn buggies carrying tourists in the streets.

The Underground City

The underground city is an important tourist attraction. It is a set of interconnected shopping malls. I did some shopping there and tried a different type of food.

Underground Shopping Centre

But in the end, I got very tired because it was so huge. The impressive network connects people to universities, hotels, subway stations and many more. The path is too complex, I would have lost if there were no signs or maps.

Simple Public Transport Network

Driving is very tricky in Montreal. On the other hand, parking is very expensive. So you better use public transport, it’s very convenient.

Road signs are in French so if you can’t read French better not to drive there. They have similar international pictograms, but I still advise you to use public transportation.

The metro system in Montreal is very fast. The public transit network is very simple, the four lines connecting the downtown center to major tourist attractions.

Native Language

While French is the native language in Montreal, still the majority of people speak English. The people are very friendly and nice in nature. They are very helping.

Me with Lovely couple

You should try bagels in Montreal. Bagels are very famous there. If you are a foodie like me, you shouldn’t miss this chance.

Famous Bagels

Bagels are boiled in honey-infused water before they are baked. Always ask for a bagel out fresh out of the oven. It is when the flavors are more intense!

I am craving one right now while writing about it. Somebody parcel me a bagel from Montreal! I am missing the yummy taste of the bagel.

Museum of Fine Arts

The main tourist attraction is The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. In this museum, you will find the work of great artists like Rodin, Warhol and many other famous artists.

Montreal is the coolest and artistic city. I have never seen a city like this before. The street art there is some next level of art. You don’t have to go far to see the artwork, you can find it in every corner in Montreal.

Street art Montreal


I just want to say you should visit Montreal. It is a beautiful city. You will meet friendly people there. You will experience diversity because you will see immigrants from all over the world. People welcome tourists with warm hearts.